ch Christmas tree we offer at Cedarcroft Nurseries is a unique, living emblem of nature’s bounty, carefully nurtured over years to bring the festive spirit to your home. Our selection is vast, with over 20,000 individual trees grown at different rates, each awaiting to find its perfect home.

Transplanting our trees from the great outdoors to the warmth of your home requires a bit of attentive care. This ensures you can enjoy the lush, vibrant beauty of your tree for the entire holiday season.

Start by securing your tree in one of our specially designed stands, crafted to not only hold your tree in place but also accommodate water for the tree base. With your tree firmly positioned, unwrap it and let it settle into its new surroundings.

24 Jul, 2023

Now, the real magic happens. Treat your tree like a prized bouquet of cut flowers, providing it with ample water until it ceases to absorb more. A key to this process is using hot water – yes, you heard it right, hot water.

Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. count your life with smiles and note tears that roll.

Stomen Lokirl

Hot tap water aids in preventing sap buildup on the fresh cut of the tree and helps in dissolving existing sap. This warm embrace encourages the tree to drink for a longer duration, thus prolonging its freshness. Just be sure not to use boiling water – the hottest water from your tap will do perfectly.

To ensure your tree’s longevity, keep it at a safe distance from direct sources of heat, such as radiators or fires. The cooler its surroundings, the more your tree will thrive and the longer it will retain its festive allure.

For ease of watering, we recommend a simple system using a funnel and a 3 to 4 foot tube. Fix the tube to the funnel outlet, guide the tubing into the tree stand, and water your tree without any need to bend over or disturb the tree skirt. This setup can be easily concealed within the tree, keeping your Christmas display picture-perfect.

Follow these simple steps and your Cedarcroft Christmas Tree will remain a vibrant, heartwarming centerpiece throughout your holiday celebrations.