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Cedar Croft is initiating a festive and community-focused Christmas tree delivery service, seeking local delivery partners with a passion for spreading Christmas cheer. This innovative program allows customers to order Cornish-grown Christmas trees online from Cedar Croft, with the convenience of having them delivered directly to their homes by a network of local drivers. The delivery service is structured to benefit both the community and consumers: it supports local businesses, offers flexible earning opportunities for delivery partners, and provides customers with the ease of receiving their Christmas trees without leaving their homes. 

This arrangement not only nurtures a sense of community spirit but also ensures the freshness and quality of the trees by reducing transit time. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this merry endeavour, embrace the role of a local Santa! Join Cedar Croft’s delivery network, harness your ‘reindeer’, and help bring the heart of the festive season to doorsteps in your area. This opportunity is perfect for those with local area knowledge, a suitable vehicle, and a desire to spread holiday joy while earning extra income during the Christmas build-up. Click the link to apply and become a pivotal part of this joyful venture!

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Benefits of Service

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Convenient home deliver

Support local businesses

Fresh, Cornish-grown trees

Earn extra Christmas cash

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Maintenance Tips

What is Cedar Croft's new service?

Cedar Croft is offering a Christmas tree delivery service, delivering Cornish-grown trees directly to customers’ homes.

Who can be a delivery partner?

Anyone with a vehicle, local area knowledge, and a desire to spread holiday joy can apply to be a delivery partner.

How do customers order their trees?

Customers can order their Christmas trees online through Cedar Croft’s website.

How are delivery partners paid?

Delivery partners are paid for each delivery, with payment made within 24 hours of delivery completion.

What are the requirements for delivery partners?

Partners need to provide their full name, address, contact details, vehicle type, local area for deliveries (Postcodes), and social platform details for advertising.

When can trees be collected for delivery?

Collection of trees from Cedar Croft can only be done on weekdays.

Is there a verification process for deliveries?

Yes, a photo of the tree is taken before collection, and delivery partners are asked to take a photo upon delivery.

How does payment for trees work?

Customers pay for the tree and delivery through Cedar Croft’s online system.

Can delivery partners choose their delivery schedule?

Yes, partners can specify their available days for delivering Christmas trees.

How does this service benefit the community?

The service supports local businesses, fosters community spirit, and offers convenient, eco-friendly delivery options.

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